Pixel Grow : 8-bit Monsters to HD APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

Pixel Grow : 8-bit Monsters to HD 0.1 screenshots 1

At this time games like Pixel Grow : 8-bit Monsters to HD are one of the many games played by guys gamers, from beginner gamers to masters. And this apk mod game itself has many major events held in various regions.

Game details
Android 4.1+
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Game description: ■You can raise your game’s resolution on Pixel Grow!■
Pixel masterpiece that covers A to Z of pixel graphic style.

[How to play]
1) Move your pixelmon to eat up pixels falling down. If it takes enough amount of pixels, the whole game will evolve into higher resolution! You can move your pixelmon by swiping the screen.

2) Play battle mode for faster growth! In battle mode, viruses fall down from the top and you can earn coins by defeating them.

3) Forge, forge, and forge your pixelmon’s ability with coins! This will accelerate its growth way faster.

[Game Characteristic]
■ Dynamic graphic style that deals with the whole game’s resolution!
-Not only can you upgrade the game’s resolution, but also you can choose which graphic style you would like to play on!

■ Innovative battle system which extracted the essence of fun from brick-breaking!
-Seek a chance to sneak between an enemy and a wall, and shoot your pixelmon to enjoy the ralley between them till your enemy explodes.

■ Are you busy? Tons of idle rewards are ready! No matter if you let the game on or off!
-Your pixelmon will eat pixels up and grow regardless of your attention. It will collect pixels even when your game is off!

■ Your game data on local device can be erased if you erase the app or change your device.
Bosses over 1100 waves were too strong. Their HPs are decreased dramatically.

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